Supporting Dementia Jersey - Nadia’s story

Everyone at R&H plays a vital role. We employ talented individuals who are dedicated, driven and share our values to support our local community.

Each year, we partner with four local charities, non-profits or youth initiatives on the island that support islanders to maintain or grow their independence. Throughout the year, our team organises and takes part in various fundraising activities to raise vital funds for our chosen charities. 

These organisations are nominated by our colleagues who have often worked with these organisations.

In 2024, Nadia nominated Dementia Jersey to be one of our chosen charities for 2024. 

Nadia has shared with us why she chose to nominate this charity. 

“Dementia Jersey is a charity that is close to my heart because my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia several years ago – thankfully it is progressing relatively slowly.

Dementia Jersey provided us with information about the illness and taught us practical skills and the best and safest ways to do simple daily routine tasks such as how to bathe, dress and undress an elderly person. They also recommended special equipment to help with those tasks like shower stools and gripping bars.

They also offer counselling services, organise support groups for carers, and organise therapeutic activities for people with dementia.

This charity is doing a great job raising awareness about this illness in the community. Studies show that this illness is likely to increase in the future so it’s important that more people become more aware about it. It’s important to support this charity so they can continue to do what they do.”

Dementia Jersey is the only local charity for people with dementia and those who care for them. They provide expert support on dementia, raise awareness and campaign to improve services.


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